The App
for paying in installments

Buy now pay later at any store accepting cards @0 interest rate. Select number of payments after purchase.

The app is free.

Easy to get Simple to use

Limit up to 4000 EUR to purchase what you want at any store accepting cards.

By default we’ll split purchase into 12 payments.
You can change it to any number between 3 and 24.

tarjeta de credito payin7


mastercard Payin7
tarjeta de crédito


mastercard Payin7
payin7 tarjeta


Instant credit decision No waiting. No paper

Transparent Pricing
We don’t charge interest

You pay only a monthly fee as a small percentage from your purchases.

For example:

Mobile € 250

If you buy
a a mobile phone

Commission 1%

and your
mmission is 1%

Frequently asked questions

What should I do to get the card?

Simply download the app and follow on-screen instructions. We’ll inquire only mobile number and personal ID to register you and grant credit.
Please do note that currently this product is provided by invitations only.

Where can I pay with it?

You can pay in any internet store using virtual card or Apple Pay/Google Wallet or in any physical store accepting contactless payments. You may request a plastic card for free to be able also to pay in stores accepting physical cards only.

How much I’ll have to pay for using credit?

We don’t charge interest for using credit.
The only fee we’ll apply is a credit fee. It is a fixed % from the purchase amount & charged monthly with installment until it is paid in full. The fee varies depending on your credit score profile. We’ll inform you about the fee & TAE via the app before you request credit.

Can I withdraw credit limit in cash or transfer it to the other account?

Yes. Please note that we’ll charge a 5% fee for withdrawing in cash or sending credit to the other account.

Can I change number of payments?

Yes. You can change it to any number from 3 and up to 24. Please do note that this should be done after the purchase until the end of the same day.

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The App is free,
and we don’t charge interest.